Jul 28, 2011

Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera - Moves Like Jagger

"[...] Kiss me till you're drunk
And I'll show you
All the moves like Jagger [...]

Damn, this song "is a must!". Este un "microb muzical de vara" incurabil, ma jur!
Conform versurilor, se ia una bucata "geek" care vrea sa impresioneze una bucata "hot momma" spunandu-i ca are miscarile lui Mike Jagger (The Rolling Stones). Tipic si banal, dar (exista MEREU un dar...), linia melodica intrece tipicul si banalul. Press play si imi vei da dreptate [;)]. Ba mai mult, vei da din cap si la sfarsit vei zambi [:p]. Remember Zohan?! (You don't mess with the Zohan) La refrenul piesei numai pe el il am in minte (disco disco good good, gen [:))])
"Moves Like Jagger" a fost scrisa de Adam Levine (Maroon 5) , Benny Blanco si Shellback (cei doi fiind si producatorii ei). Piesa a intrat direct pe locul 8 in Billboard Hot 100. Prin urmare, atat cei de la Maroon 5 cat si Christina Aguilera nu au mai "ocupat" o pozitie atat de buna (din prima), din 2007 respectiv 2008.
Melodia o putei gasi pe cel de al 3-lea albumul Maroon 5 intitulat "Hands All Over" (delux edition, lansata in cursul acestui an. Un fel de al 4-lea album).

De ce feat. Christina Aguilera si nu au spus Marron 5 and a lilttle bit of Christina Aguilera, huh?! [:))]

Enjoy 'n pump up the volume! *O* [peace out!]

Jul 5, 2011

Jennifer Lopez - Louboutins

[...] Now you got me stressin out on the phone
But it’s the last time I’m movin on
I’m throwin on my Louboutins [...]

Ah, ce imi plac piesele care vorbesc in locul meu. De fapt, imi plac versurile... Iar piesele, le ador! Dansez si cant cu o placere maxima [:))]
Ok... Louboutins este o piesa scrisa si produsa de The-Dream si Tricky Stewart, cantata de Jennifer Lopez. Piesa a fost un "oameni buni, fiti pe faza, urmeaza un nou album J.Lo", gen. Da, piesa "a anuntat" venirea celui de la saptelea album Jennifer Lopez numit "Love?" iar culmea culmilor este ca nu se afla printre cele 12 piese de pe album. Motivul fiind "divortul" divei de cei de la Sony Music. Piesa fiind inregistrata inaintea lui.
Albumul a fost finalizat dupa "despartire", la o alta casa de productie (Island Records) in 2011.

"sunt flatat ca J.Lo a inregistrat o melodie despre pantofii creati de mine si ii sunt recunoscator pentru ca m-a intrebat daca pronunta numele cum trebuie" (Christian Louboutin)
[ăăăăăăă... eu zica ca nu :))]

Enjoy *peace out!*

... stranger in the night

Din categoria "melodia asta imi va aduce mereu aminte de cineva". Nu, nu este vorba de "love" ci despre "good feeling"... un moment aparut exact cand aveam nevoie, si il voi pastra cu mare drag :)
Versurile astea ma fac sa zambesc, si intr-un mod ciudat, nu ma fac sa visez la "maine" sau la "inimioare" ci imi aduc aminte de faptul ca "senzatia de zambet n-il putem crea singuri" [ma inteleg. Tu, nu trebuie neaparat ;)]

To you...
... because you're unique in the world
The only reason
To go till the end
At every breath of mine,
When I look at you,
After a day full of words,
Without you saying anything to me,
Everything gets clear
To you, because you're the one that found me
At the corner, with my fists closed
With my back against the wall
Ready to defend myself
With my eyes facing the ground
I was standing in the line
With the disappointed people
You've picked me up
Like a cat
And you've taken me with you
To you I sing another song
Because I don't have anything else
Anything better to give to you
Of everything I do have
Take my time
And the magic
That with one jump
Makes us fly in the air
Like papules
To you, because you are
You simply are
The substance of my days
The substance of my days
To you, my great love
And my biggest love
To you, because you've taken my life
And you've done a lot more with it
To you, because you gave time some sense
Without measuring it
To you my great love
And my biggest love
To you
whom I have seen crying in my hand
So fragile that I could have killed you just by squeezing you a little stronger
And then I've seen you
Having the strength of an airplane
Taking your life in your hands
And draging it into a safe zone
To you, because you've teached me how to dream
And the art of the adventure
To you, because you believe in courage
But also in fear
To you, the best thing
That happened to me
To you, because you change all the days
But you always stay the same
To you, because you are
You simply are
The substance of my days
The substance of my dreams
To you, because you are
You truly are
The substance of my dreams
The substance of my days
To you, because you never like yourself
But you're wonderful
Nature's forces gather in you
You're a cliff, a plant, a hurricane
You're the horizon that welcomes me when I go away
To you, the only friend
That I can have
The only love I'd want to have
If you weren't with me.
To you, because you've made my life
So beautiful
that you can turn fatigue
Into an immense pleasure
To you, because you are my great love
And my biggest love
To you, because you've taken my life
And you've made so much more out of it
To you, because you've given time some sense
Without measuring it
To you, great love of mine
My biggest love
To you, because you are
You simply are
The substance of my days
The substance of my dreams
And to you, because you are
You simply are
My days' partner
The substance of my dreams