Jan 29, 2010

Usher - Hey Daddy's (Daddy's Home) [Le clip]

Pourquoi suis-je encore vivante?! Je vis pour le jour où je vais voir ce "player" .... aaaah! Chaque fois que je le vois, je sens la "flèche de Cupidon" loool
baaaah je deconne....
Je vous invite à regarder le clip de la chanson "Hey Daddy's (Daddy's Home)"

Si j'envie la fille qui joue le role de son amour?! non! D'oooh, il s'agit de Noémie Lenoir. Putain, j'adore cette fille


Jan 20, 2010

P-Square - I love you

Gosh, I think that Shakespear's ancestors were black...

Peter + Paul = P-Square (nigerian group). Twin brothers and soooo identical.
F.Y.I: At first they began singing songs by Bobby Brown/ Michael Jackson in the school music drama club of the St. Murumba College (a small school from Nigeria).
They had a lot of trouble finding the perfect name for the band. They started as "Double P", then "P&P", then "Da Pees" and finally... ka'ching... P-Square.
Years have passed, they won numerous awards, collaborated with many heavy names from the international music industry . In September '09 they released the fourth studio album called "Danger".
The album contains 14 tracks ... and I recommend "Possibility", "E no easy", "Gimme Dat" and of course "I love you" (this song gives me happy goose bumps'ish when I sing or dance)


Jan 16, 2010

Jah Cure feat. Phyllisia Ross - Unconditional Love

" El amor es puro
El amor entiende lo que nadie puede entender
[...] Enséñame come amar
Incondicionalmente "

Lucru, care in zilele noastre, este pe cale de disparitie: "Unconditional Love".
Iar avem de a face cu niste versuri "banale", dar ghitara "principala", vocea seducatoare a lui Phylissia Ross si bineinteles, "sentimentul chill" pe care Jah Cure n-il transmite, fac ca piesa sa fie printre primele locuri in playlistul personal.

Enjoy useful.ro - emoticoane pentru hi5

Jan 7, 2010

Lady Gaga - Alejandro

Don't know how she does it, but she's damn good...
. I don't know if this song will be the 3rd single released from "The Fame Monster" album. I just wanted to share this song with my dudes 'n dudets, ish

The song was written by
"herself" and produced by RedOne aka Nadir Khayat.

The song talks about her "breakin' up" with some "Hot like Mexico" boys named Alejandro, Fernando 'n Roberto. She "forgot" to put Jose Miguel in the list [lol]
At the beginning of the song she says:
"I know that we are young,
And I know that you may love me,

But I just can't be with you like this anymore...
aaah! I love the way she say it


Jan 3, 2010

Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé - Telephone

Chanson spécial pour les "tites" avec des stupide "dudes" ... La bêtise n'est pas la même chose avec la jalousie!
Lady Gaga l'a fait de nouveau, mais cette fois par "[tele]phone",avec "l'aide" de Beyoncé.
La chanson est le deuxième single de l'album "The Monster Fame".
Lady Gaga a écrit cette chanson pour l'album de Britney Spears "The Singles Collection", mais ... je sais pas ce qui c'est passé, Britney na pas voulu "le morceau"... la chanson est #30 en US Billboard Hot 100 et UK Single Chart.
Je suis pas une fan de Gaga, mais quand "quelque chose" sonne bien à mes oreilles, mon playlist ne dis jamais "non"


Jan 2, 2010

Maxwell - This Woman's Work (cover)

Oldie but goldie...

It's a shame when the cover sounds much better than the original, but to be onest, I'm glad that he made this cover... my ears are happy.

Oh God, a glass of wine + poetry + music + Maxwell's voice = 4 min and 15 sec of... hmmm, whatever you want! Put the song on repeat, and you'll "reach the infinity", ish
For some of you/us the lyrics of this song are ordinary, but the way he sings... Gooosh! goosebumps!

F.Y.I: the song was written, performed and produced by Kate Bush and was released in November '89 as her second single from her album "The sensual world".
Maxwell made the cover for the "MTV Unplugged" album in '97 and in '01 he re-recorded it for the "Now" album.


Alicia Keys Feat. Beyoncé - Put It In A Love Song

"Say you love me, Say you love me
Then put it in a love song
Say you need me, Say you need me
Then write it in a letter for me
Say you want me, Say you want me
Then text me on the cell phone"
... pas toi, chill
C'est un extrait de la chanson d'Alicia Keys "Put It On A Love Song", de l'album "The Element of Freedom". La chanson est un featuring avec Beyoncé.
C'est agréable de voir ce genre de "métissage" dans la musique ("la ballade d'Alicia Keys" et "le R'n'B/Pop de Beyoncé"). J'ai toujours pensé que ces deux "instruments de la nature", c.à.d. les voix, vont collaborer sur un soul ou une chanson r'n'b/blues ... dans le futur.

Enjoy !