Feb 14, 2010

♥ Happy V'day to ma dudes 'n dudets ♥

We use to say: "V'day, wtf... I think that this "holiday" should be everyday " or "I don't need 14 February to show ma love for the opposite sex"... True fellows, but hey! at Christmas, we meet all the familly, we make eatch other presents, we smile or sing with "no reasons"... The 31 December, it's a day as the other ones, but we have to celebrate, we have to dress up 'n all, no?!... Your B'day, you need all your friends, familly, boo etc, near you. V'day is kinda'f the same... They are all "simply" days with a lot of psychic power... the endorphines make lot of "ka'booms"
Ma dudes 'n dudets... those who are realy in love, the next song is fo' ya'll. This time I didn't peek a "cry me a river song" (aka deep one), it's something who makes that ass shakin'... soooo, like Depeche Mode say : "let me see you stripped"


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