Jun 17, 2012

Justin Bieber's Believe can 'n will make you a Belieber

He is my weakness!!! Blame it on Usher... or not. [haha!] 
I somehow miss that gentle and innocent voice of a child, but frankly, I like much more this new chapter. More daring, more sexy, more "swaggy" more "James Dean'ish", more hmmm.... Damn, he grew up and he's very aware of what he can do and we all can see / hear it on he's new album "Believe" 'n also in those webepisode he made for he's Beliebers.
I am glad to be "present" to see this phenomenon of music (after all, he is the most popular kid on the planet) and I'm 100% sure that he will continue to put smiles on people's face. I trust him (he is a very talented artist), I trust his mom (she'll always be there to teach him what's right and wrong), Usher (is the big bro' and he will always be there showing him that things can be done "nice and slow") and Scooter Braun (because he's the best manager. Hell yeah I trust him!).
Well, I clap my hands for "Believe" album 'n for the crew... I take a bow. Congratz'! 
Each song have a "thing", especially "As love as you love me", "Catching feelings" (reminds me a lot of Michael Jackson), "Fall", "Thought of You", "Beauty and a Beat" (feat. Nicki Minaj), "Be Alright" 'n "Believe".
F.Y.I: behind "Believe" there are BIG "shakespears" as Justin Bieber (of course), Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, j.Que Smith, Max Martin, Ludacris, Deke Richards, Berry Gordy, Drake 'n many many many more.

Enjoy "As Long As You Love Me" *peace out!*

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