Apr 1, 2013

Chris Brown - Fine China [music video]

Music video stories as ''Smooth Criminal'', ''The Way You Make Me Feel'' or ''You Rock My World'', are all in just one storie: ''Fine China''. Chris Brown's [new] future hit... or not.
Well well well... The music video: SHAZAAAM! The song: fresh DOPE. dope FRESH! [while I'm writing this, my feets and head are moving. Happy ears].
[there is a but...] I don't like both of them together. I see two different stories. The song is so touchy and fresh and danceable and groovy and smooth, but the music video is kinda brute. I know: touchy and brute is a ''win win thing''. Sorry, not this time. I don't see it.

F.Y.I: the song and the music video were ''out in the wild'' at the same time and day aka today, April 1st. 
''Fine China'' is the lead single released from the ''Don't Judge Me'' singer's upcoming album called, merely, ''X''.
The album will be out somewhere at the begining or in the middle of summer. There's no a precise date.
I couldn't not see, in the confirmed tracks, that there is a[nother] featuring with his beloved Rihanna. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, make a damn music video with one of those featurings. I'm dying to see one...

Enjoy *peace out!*

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