Jan 20, 2010

P-Square - I love you

Gosh, I think that Shakespear's ancestors were black...

Peter + Paul = P-Square (nigerian group). Twin brothers and soooo identical.
F.Y.I: At first they began singing songs by Bobby Brown/ Michael Jackson in the school music drama club of the St. Murumba College (a small school from Nigeria).
They had a lot of trouble finding the perfect name for the band. They started as "Double P", then "P&P", then "Da Pees" and finally... ka'ching... P-Square.
Years have passed, they won numerous awards, collaborated with many heavy names from the international music industry . In September '09 they released the fourth studio album called "Danger".
The album contains 14 tracks ... and I recommend "Possibility", "E no easy", "Gimme Dat" and of course "I love you" (this song gives me happy goose bumps'ish when I sing or dance)


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