Jan 2, 2010

Maxwell - This Woman's Work (cover)

Oldie but goldie...

It's a shame when the cover sounds much better than the original, but to be onest, I'm glad that he made this cover... my ears are happy.

Oh God, a glass of wine + poetry + music + Maxwell's voice = 4 min and 15 sec of... hmmm, whatever you want! Put the song on repeat, and you'll "reach the infinity", ish
For some of you/us the lyrics of this song are ordinary, but the way he sings... Gooosh! goosebumps!

F.Y.I: the song was written, performed and produced by Kate Bush and was released in November '89 as her second single from her album "The sensual world".
Maxwell made the cover for the "MTV Unplugged" album in '97 and in '01 he re-recorded it for the "Now" album.


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