Apr 19, 2012

It's OK to miss someone, something or a moment.

Some of you think that when you miss someone or a moment it means that you are in a sad hole. I don't! In fact I don't think like that anymore, 'cuz I realized that I can find tons of smiles 'n joys 'n dance just by missing.
Most of the people or moments I miss, are related to music 'n sometimes I search to miss them myself. No logic, huh?! Let me enlighten you...
When I miss my first 10 years in this world, I start singing "Groove is in the Heart" (Deee-Lite) and then I start laughing 'cuz I remember dancing with my grandma' on this one.
When I miss my big sister, "Gettin' Jiggy wit it" (Will Smith), is in my head. Back in the days she love to goof around 'n to dance "Carlton dance" one this song... The goofy dance is still around [:-))]
When I miss my childhood BF, "Say my name" (Destiny's Child). My cos was singing "say my name, say name..." and then, she, so serios 'n naive 'n sweet in the same time, aswered "Oana"... 'n then the 3 of us started to laugh, unknowing the reason.
When I miss my primary school friend, I start dancing "Everybody get down" (Backstreet Boys). We where BSB's "groupie" [:))] and we kinda made a coregraphy for that song.
When I miss highschool, songs like "Rolin'" (Limp Bizkit), "Without me" (Eminem), "I'm like a bird" (Nelly Furtado), "Fell in love with an allien" (The Kelly Family)... etc. Just a few songs that reminds me of every "perfect" moment I spent in highschool, loads of drama, a big but funny crush, adventures... It's funny, in a way or another, that I have for each class mate a song that remind me of them. I'm happy for that!
My point is, when I start missing, I smile, enjoy, laugh, dance. One word: HAPPY! I search the good things when I miss... not the sad ones. Even when I miss my ex, "Thinking of you" (Taj Jackson). I thank him, 'cuz I didn't know that after 3T, Taj where out there, singing great songs...
"There's always tomorrow, but let's smile at yesterday" match with "Every song ends. Is that the reason to not enjoy music?". 
It's OK to miss someone, something or a moment... in my world! Happiness is a mood, a condition not a destination. My happiness condition is MUSIC.

Peace out ya'll. Go and miss someone, something or a moment aka give your ears something to eat aka PUT SOME MUSIC! 
*tons of luv!*