Feb 9, 2012

Madonna. Disappointed me.

"I don't play the stupid game, 'cuz I'm a different girl" - sorry Madonna (mia), actualy you are a WOMAN and also a mother!
I have nothing against Madonna's music. Au contraire: I love her music! But lets be realistic: she can't do the "Vogue" or "Material Girl" stuff in 2012. Her age is gone. aka she can't act like that anymore.
We all know what she's capable of. We have seen it in music videos as "Like a virgine", "Take a bow", "Frozen", "Music", "Hollywood", "4 Minutes"... etc.
Her new song, "Give me all your luvin" feat. Nicki Minaj and M.I.A, sucks from A to Z!
Why didn't she search to pleased HER fans and prefered to make a feat. with Nicki Minaj?! Why trying [so hard] to fit in the "It's barbie bicth" kinda music style? Honestly, that's insane.
... and the music video?! OMG! she have 52 years old. Not "17 again"! They so over worked her face. She's a icone for 100 human bean and between them there's also teenage girls who wants to look like Madonna at their 50 year and in there head there's lots a diets. "Cup the crap for 5 seconds" people. I know, in the magazines and in the music videos we find "perfection". I don't want to read a magazine with ugly picture or whatching a non-worked music video but lets not OVERexagerate!
I know she can do better. For exemple, the song "Masterpiece", it would have been much better if it was the lead song from her upcoming album, "MDNA"... pay attention at the lyrics. But who am I to "talk"?! It turns out that marketing leads much better than the joy of singing.

Enjoy "Masterpiece" *peace out!*

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