Mar 30, 2013

Fall Out Boy - The Phoenix

Fall Out Boy[s] are back bitchess!!!
''The Phoenix'' is the second single released from the fifth upcoming album ''Save Rock and Roll''. The shakespear's song are the boys themselves and Butch Walker (which is also the album producer).
The album will be out on the 12 april in Europe, the 15 april in UK and in US the 16 april.
I love the fact that they didn't change, a lot, since the ''Folie à Deux'' album (2008).
I love ''The Phoenix'' song, big time. If someone ask me if I like pop-rock music style, my answer would be: ''No, but I love Fall Out Boy.''
Can't wait to hear all the songs from the album, knowing that they worked with Elton John, Courtney Love and Big Sean (three different worlds)
Love you guys and thank you for giving some good stuff to my ears. I wouldn't change you like a remix. [haha]

Enjoy *peace out!*

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