Mar 30, 2013

Justin Timberlake - Mirrors

Shame on me for not listening this song earlier!
I didn't want to give a shoot at Justin Timberlake ''20/20 Experience'' album after listening ''Suit & Tie'' song. I was dissappointed. I didn't like the song as a come back (my opinion).
Three days ago, I told to my ears ''lets hear J.T's Mirros song. Perhaps I'm wrong about his come back''. Said and done. I was: OtMsG! (Oh this Song's Goog!). That's the Justin Timberlake I know. I fell in love with the song, the lyrics, the music video. I was happy to see the old JT in the song. 
This morning, the song was, literally, on repete for 1 hour. I love all about it.

F.Y.I: Mirros is the second single of J.T's third studio album named ''20/20 Experience''. 
The song ''shakespears'' are
Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Jerome Harmon and James Fauntleroy. The music video ''spielberg'' was Floria Sigismondi (love the idee with the red soles)
Rumor has it that J.T's wifie, Jessica Biel, was the song's inspiration.

Enjoy *peace out!*

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