Feb 7, 2012

M. Pokora - Juste un instant

The teasing music videos like "One in a million" (Ne-Yo), "Touch" (Omarion) or "The way you make me feel" (Michael Jackson), always made us, girls, smile, right?!
They say guys are players. But, hey! we like games more than they do and we are the ones who always start them...
"Juste un instant" is the lead single from the upcoming album "A la poursuite du bonheur" of the HOooT french R'n'B singer, M. Pokora.
Quite a cute and funny song. Cute 'cuz its just a "moment song".
The music video has the same story as those I listed above: A boy sees a girl. He fall for her, start singing, dancing and acting like a goof just for her. She... likes him too, but tease him by playing "just not into you" game and at the end, she let down her guard and they "lived happily ever after", ish.
The "shakespear" of this song was Soprano (a french rapper) and the music video was filmed in A.L.

Enjoy *peace out!*

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